That is a great question!

We welcome every question:  
“Hey Jim, how do I …??”
or “What? Why isn’t this working?”
Jim works in our office and has had years of experience refurbishing computers.  He and our staff generally know how to answer your questions.
This website is an answer to many of the Frequently Asked Questions that we have received over the years.  
Photos by Norm Albitson

Hey, How do I ...?

Laptops and Desktops

  • Monitor
  • Power supply
  • Internet and Wi-F
  • Change the computer name
  • Shut down
  • Home page picture
  • Computer Specifications
  • Add email
  • Add password
  • Add Google
  • Set bookmarks
  • Add Icons
  • Microsoft Word
  • Google Docs or Libre Office
  • Save Documents and Pictures


Customize the Home Page

How do I Download Favorite Programs?

How do I set up Word-processing?

How do I Reinstall Windows 10 Pro?

How do I use Computer Shortcuts for Windows 10

Using a Search Engine

Jim, do you have a minute? How do you …?

  • Find a job on the internet?
  • Find a local hospital?
  • Change a furnace filter?
  • Translate between two languages?

Word Processing

Hey Norm, I can’t figure this out. How do you … ?

  • Type a letter?
  • Prepare a resume?
  • Save a file ?
  • Save a file on a USB drive?
  • Download LibreOffice?

Excel Spreadsheets

OK, one more time. How do you …?

  • Add a column of numbers?
  • Develop a simple family budget?
  • Show the cost of getting a loan?

Family and Social

What, this isn’t working., How do you …?

  • Enter contacts in your email?
  • Save and organize pictures?
  • Set up a school account for your child?
  • Stay connected with family and friends?