That’s a Great Question

Computer Basics

Hey Jim, How do you… ?

  • Change the screen picture?
  • Protect against computer bugs?
  • Download Google and set-up email?
  • Download a file onto a flash drive


Using a Search Engine

Jim, do you have a minute? How do you …?

  • Find a job on the internet?
  • Find a local hospital?
  • Change a furnace filter?
  • Translate between two languages?

Word Processing

Hey Norm, I can’t figure this out. How do you … ?

  • Type a letter?
  • Prepare a resume?
  • Save a file ?
  • Save a file on a USB drive?
  • Download LibreOffice?

Excel Spreadsheets

OK, one more time. How do you …?

  • Add a column of numbers?
  • Develop a simple family budget?
  • Show the cost of getting a loan?

Family and Social

What, this isn’t working., How do you …?

  • Enter contacts in your email?
  • Save and organize pictures?
  • Set up a school account for your child?
  • Stay connected with family and friends?